CBD Double Shot.

The CBD Double Shot has relaxing benefits in an-easy-to drink and portable format.  It is a pure organic shot of CBD produced with supercritical CO2 extraction, and is available online and in stores nationwide.  

Relaxation is Now Conveniently in Your Pocket.

CBD Double Shot are specifically designed for one time use. Easily squeeze the package in your mouth and swallow, it's that simple. Take it anywhere you go.

Available for Wholesale and Retail.

CBD Double Shot comes conveniently packaged with an-over-the counter display or in single packs online.

A Unique CBD Product and Brand.

The CBD Double Shot is a unique Diamond CBD product with a loyal consumer base. Made for one-time use and packing a powerful relaxation punch, the CBD Double Shot is yet another way for consumers to enjoy CBD.

Some of Our Brands

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